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Resilient vinyl flooring is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms because it’s easy to keep clean. It’s durable, water resistant and it doesn’t fade, stain, or dent.

Additionally, it comes in so many colors, textures, and patterns that you will definitely find your look. The  rotogravure process (a fancy term for the method of engraving an image) that is used to create resilient flooring can imitate wood grain, tile and even marble.

Since resilient vinyl flooring comes in sheets, planks and tiles (VCT or Vinyl Composition Tiles), there’s lots of room for self-expression.  An artistic installer can use contrasting sheet vinyl to create large patterns.  The tiles can be arranged any way you want them. Think checkerboard, stripes and dizzying diagonals.  And planks that look just like wood flooring.

Resilient vinyl floors are a little like carpet — flexible and soft to walk on. What’s more, like carpet, it can go on a subfloor that isn’t perfectly level.

All vinyl floors are resilient. They have that cushy “give” that feels so good underfoot. However, not all resilient floors are vinyl. There are some specialty products available in cork and rubber that offer the same flexibility — or resilience — as the vinyl products.
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Collection: Charleston Collection
Type: Plank
Color: Reclaimed Oak Mocha
Item Number: CHLNCP207
Wear layer: 12 mm
Size: 6″ x 48″
Square foot per carton: 32.00


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